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After graduating from architecture, she worked in various offices for five years and also dedicated herselfes to lifelong learning. She believes that the information which she reads and learns, leaves new traces in her knowledge. she tries to follows these tracks and does collages moments of them like our brains. She believes all organismas have different complexity but similar chemical component, she uses this complexity in her art.


2009-2014 | Bachelor, Architecture, Yildiz Technical University, Architecture Faculty, Istanbul
2015-2019 | International Master of Interior Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul
2011-2012 | Bachelor, Architecture, Universidad de Evora, Evora
2016-2017 | International Master of Interior Architecture, Hochshule für Technik, Stuttgart


Thesis for master’s degree 2015. Use of alternative exhibition spaces in contemporary arts: a research on bio art and bio art space, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul

Selected exhibitions

2016 | Pa.Gozz.Illa, Ak2 Galerrie, Stuttgart, Germany
2015 | Hold Me Dear Four Cities, [Extra]Ordinary Places / 2015, Edinburg, Scotland

Selected conferences & artist talks

2017 | Sanat Hayat, Açık Radyo, İstanbul